Where To Eat This Thanksgiving At The Beach?

Where To Eat This Thanksgiving At The Beach?

Who exactly is OPEN FOR our first Covid Thanksgiving November 2020 in Downtown Hermosa Beach and Downtown Manhattan Beach? Here’s some ideas on where to eat this Thanksgiving at the beach. Onward!


[x]Cultured Slice call in orders by this Sunday plus she has pies! Open a short time on TG
[x]Uncorked get your wines 10-2
[x]Hermosa pie & cake. Order now!
[x]Cafe Bonaparte -Open til 4
[x]Lucky 7 Coffee 6:30-2

[x]Java Man open til 2
[x]Uncorked 10-2 Get your wines & bubbly
[x]The Deck- YES watch FOOTBALL & get out of the house!
[x]Good Stuff 7-2
[x]Henneseys 8 am-10 pm
[x]Baja Sharkeys 11am -10 pm
[x]El Tarasco on Pier OPEN Closing early
[x]Creme de la Crepe OPEN 8-2 regular menu
[x]Shade RB Open Reservations are full – will take walk ins- best time is: 4:30-5:15 pm has a better chance
[x]Sosta CLOSED Pick up Wed Italian 5 course Turkey dinner www.sostacucina.com
[x]Hook & Plow CLOSED THURS CAN pick up turkey Must order make order by Friday 9 pm before TG

Help Support Our Local Businesses!

All of these small businesses are needing all our help & support. Please wear a mask when you’re approaching & speaking with them and PLEASE tip your wait staff! They’re all struggling right now. Let’s keep it local & keep supporting our neighbors.

I know we all have pandemic fatigue but this thing isn’t going away anytime soon. PLEASE do your part during the Holidays & don’t have big crowds over or hang out in big crowds. With this thing spiking right now… NONE of us want to go into lockdown again… remember what that was like? Be smart & be safe!

BTW…in the middle of this video I show you how I search for businesses using Google maps It’s super fast & efficient!

Let’s move on & find more ideas on where to eat this Thanksgiving at the beach!

Next… who’s open in DT Manhattan Beach

[x]Homie 8-4
[x]Shade MB Open – Reservations are booked between 4-7
[x]Manhattan Pizzaria 11-2:30
[x]Aurthur J’s Open call them & see if they still have reservations.
[x]The Kettle Open 24 hours
[x]Uncle Bills Pancakes 7:30-1
[x]shellback 10-6
[x]le Pain in Metlox Plaza 7-3
[x]MB Post CLOSED TG dinner Pickup on Wed. (get their cheesy rolls for the morning!)

That’s it for those two downtown areas. I hope I helped you with ideas on where to eat this Thanksgiving at the beach! If I missed someone, please comment below or email me Be safe & smart-

Wear a mask & have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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