When Is The Best Time To Sell Your House For Top Dollar In The Beach Cities?

I’m going to tell you When IS the best time to sell your house for top dollar in the Beach Cities? As well as making you an
Innnnnnncredible offer for a free copy of my Best Selling Book:  Dwelling Selling!
I know… outrageous!!!
As hindsight will tell us, there’s “usually” a particular time of year that’s better than others to sell a house in the South Bay.
And we’re also “usually not staying away from each other and wearing masks” either…
So the new & improved “usual” time is …
You say: “Now is the time to sell??? Dude… it’s November!!!”
Yet when the local real estate market is hot and there’s low inventory and low interest rates and high demand… THAT’S a good time to sell!
Right now in November of 2020 …. that is exactly what’s happening here and now.
It’s been going on for a few months and there’s no end in sight.
Usually after Halloween… there’s a slow down until after the Holidays.
(whistling Good King Wenceslas)  … ROLLING EYES
We’ll see how December goes, but currently out there, there’s still pent up demand and low inventory and historically low interest rates
which are keeping the buyers in the market.
If you’re thinking you need more space, or an office or two or a yard or a garage you can convert to an office or a home school space,
take advantage of this hot market and low rates and get in it.
If you price it correctly or on the lower end of it’s value range, you may get multiple offers and negotiate UP! Even this late in the year.
In my best selling book :
Dwelling Selling:   How the internet made selling a house in the south bay easy & other funny stories.
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Stay Tuned…
So much anticipation!!!
We were basically CLOSED in March and April & things started picking up in May as rates were dropping and we were figuring out that Covid wasn’t going anywhere soon… …so this was the way it was going to be for a while.
I also am practicing my own strict Coivid Protocols when listing and showing properties. I have a video about what me & my team are doing to keep YOU safe. You can find it here:
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The Bottom line is the


When it’s the best time for YOU!
Let’s assume you have a house & maybe the kids are gone or it’s too big or too much upkeep and you want to scale down… Or move out of state or at least to Barstow…this is a perfect time because you, as a buyer can also take advantage of the low interest rates as well…
AND  there’s probably more than 1 buyer out there currently that’s looking for something like YOUR house and not finding what they want in the current inventory.
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Next Week’s Video will be
How to Make Glue In Your Crock Pot!
Or something like that…(probably not though)
Virtually Yours…
Daryl Palmer   Real Real Estatetist
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