P #1 Of The 3 P’s Of Selling

PPF and What It Means To You

In a few seconds, I’m going to teach you what PPF is and how it will change your world.

Hi I’m Daryl Palmer with Daryl Palmer Beach Homes

In the next 3 minutes* (If you watch my video above…) *your results may vary…

I’m going to talk about the first of the 3 P’s of selling a house. P- el numero uno Preparation. Ugh.. RIGHT???

And the 3 things to make sure that your home sells faster & for more money than any other comparable home in your neighborhood.

In my #1 Best Selling Book- Dwelling Selling- (hand to mouth) (Available on Amazon) I call it PPF. We’ll get to that in a bit.


First P then… The home itself… We need to investigate how your home is prepared to compete in the marketplace and ultimately be the very next home to sell in your neighborhood. There’s 3 key factors in prepping your home to sell. #1 is Repairs #2 is Staging & #3 is Cleanliness Yikes! Really? Yes… Really!

Spend 3* minutes with me & watch my video *your results may vary… not to worry.

It’s fun AND informative! You’ll learn what it’s taken me years to figure out the correct strategy to get your home sold.

BTW… the 3 P’s formerly were:

1- Put listing in MLS

2- Place a sign in the yard

3- PRAY that it sells

Really… that was it. Sadly… a TON of real estate agents haven’t figured out that this game changed. Sadly for you… if you hire them… A LOT has changed in this world of the Interwebs, Interpol and International Polka Competitions! Mostly we’re talking about the internet here. We’ll get to Polka fun in a minute.

Cheers!  Daryl

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