Moving to the South Bay – What they don’t tell you

Moving to the South Bay – What they don’t tell you

Well… what the heck are you talking about? You say…”What DON’T THEY tell me”? If I am moving to the South Bay what they don’t tell you could be extremely importante!


And who is “they”? You say…

And what am I missing? You say…


Have you dreamed about leaving where you live now and moving to Southern California to the Beach?

I’m going to tell you a few things about living in the South Bay LA at the Beach here in So Cal you may not have thought about.


I get a lot of calls and inquiries from people who want to get out of the city or out of the terrible weather and move to the beach…


And well… who doesn’t? 


Especially this last year with all the the lockdowns during the pandemic & horrible weather everywhere.

I know I don’t EVER want to live in 4 seasons!


-Speaking of Seasons_

Well we have… obviously … the beaches… and the weather.

We have 2 seasons here:

1- Doors Open and 2- Doors Closed.

Doors open is a longer season than doors closed is.

Most of our days are in the 60’s & 70s  which makes the weather near perfect!


Near Perfect Weather means… EVERYONE wants to come here!


So if you’re expecting cold weather… we get a few days a year.

(Whispering).  And cold to us is 60 degrees. Brrr!

PLUS… there’s NO SNOWPLOWS here! So if it snows… you’re on your own!


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At the beach… It’s a very laid back lifestyle here. We dress casually… the millionaires and the billionaires…. dress the same. Caszh. We wear shorts and flipflops to work, hawaiians… even our friends from LA and the Westside dress waaay differently, we can spot you a mile away. If you’re wearing a tie, we know you don’t live here… or you’re a banker or a lawyayer.**


There’s always something to do at the beach -no matter what the weather.

There’s   beach volleyball almost daily- walking & running on the beach, surfing, body surfing, skateboarding, biking, walking…

Looking at the Strange-Os on the STRAND..


It’s also very dense here. Even though the beach cities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach were developed in the early 1900’s when land was plentiful… they made most of the lots very small. 2400-2700 sq ft is a Standard Size lot near the beach! With small setbacks and 25-30 ft building heights… it can get tight here because you have a lot of neighbors.


When I say “it can get tight here” I really mean…


Annnnd because of the weather and the beaches

annnnd the fact that everyone wants to live here… the cost of living here is quite high.

Annnd because of that…the cost of Real Estate is quite high.


Property taxes are 1.25% of the property value- assessed yearly. If your house is worth $2 Million dollars… then your property taxes would be around $25,000 per year.


Because of the denseness of the population, commuting can be quite an adventure. Traffic to and from the employment centers & DTLA is often stop and go most anytime of the day and in So Cal… we don’t judge distances by mileage… we judge it by time. It could take you an hour or more to go 13 miles.


Also because of the Big Blue Wet Thing  being directly to the West of us… there’s no cell towers out there… thus.. when you’re close to the ocean, you can experience the “1 bar experience”

1 bar experience is the misnomer that 1 bar on your cell phone means you have a “little” cell service…

yet you learn it really means that 1 bar means zero bars to cell providers & that first bar is just “decorative”

Cell coverage really depends on where you are and which service you have.

They all have their great spots and their terrible spots and none of them are the same.

Another big thing is…. we speak differently here… we… like a lot of places… have our own vernacular… that’s TOTALLY GNARLY!

We say “Dude” a lot! It refers to men and women… women use it to address other women and visa versa.


We also say “you guys”… a lot… again…it refers to both men and women… it’s the south’s version of y’all. Don’t try to correct us… it’s what we say…. 

We invented the “you guys”.


It’s totally different here… & it’s probably not like where you came from… so don’t push 

“how things used to be back home” on us… we just don’t care. We like it here just the way it is! Don’t come here & try to change us or make it “just like home…” when your home is far away from here.


It’s perfect here… & we’re happy you’re here.. but leave your east coast attitude on the east coast.


That’s a few things to ponder if you’re thinking of making a move to the So Cal Beaches… 

It’s a fantastic place to live! But it’s not for everyone.


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Virtually Yours…

Daryl Palmer

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