How To Net More When You Sell Your South Bay Home


How To Net More When You Sell Your

South Bay Home?

If you’re selling your home during Covid and you want to know how to NET MORE when you sell your South Bay home… Read This!
I’ll give you 5 of my top tips on how to Net More when you sell. (it’s NOT lowering the commission!)…
Right NOW….The South Bay Real Estate Market is HOT! Due to pent up demand, low inventory and the lowest interest rates ever is 
causing a surge in sales!
Get this… The Yearly New Mortgage Volume in the US is around $1.8 TRILLION $
This year is expected to be $3.9 TRILLION. Ummm that’s double! BOING!!!

In my #1 Amazon Best Selling Book- Dwelling Selling Chapters 1-6 … I talk about making a PLAN before you list your home.. 

In Chapter 3- PPF and The Interwebs Changed Everything —I call it PPF  Pre Planning Fun… 

Well.. .it’s plenty of Pre Planning… but none of it is fun… (pause)
So it was ME who put the “F” in PP
NAR (National Association of Realtors) tells us that 65% of all sales that fall out of escrow… are due to home inspection problems!
WOW! That’s a huge percentage! 
(I’m taking a pose & reciting:)

“If you Pre- Inspect… you Will Deflect!” -Daryl Palmer- mildly famous author

… you can quote me…   

Tip #1  Pre-Inspect Your Home before you list! 

That includes a Professional Home Inspection, termite, possibly mold (if there’s evidence or past issues) sewer lines (on all the older houses) etc
Why pre-inspect? Well we’re looking for those MAJOR items that would cause you to lose your first buyer or two… and then you repair them ahead of time. Why bother?
You can almost eliminate what I call the “2nd Negotiation” which comes after the inspections come in and there’s 35 items the buyer is demanding you fix! That’s why…
Let’s say you replaced the roof 3 years ago… it was leaking after those huge storms we had. It cost $30K! Buuuut you never got around to painting over those stains on the ceiling from the water intrusion… 
A buyer comes & makes an offer & the Home inspection finds those water stains you forgot about because you’re busy… Who believes you when you say… “Oh… that was from 3 years ago and we re-roofed … it hasn’t leaked since… ” you proudly say.
Guess who believes you… NO ONE! 
They see evidence and they want it fixed… that means… they send their roofer over & he wants to make $$$ so he reports the roof wasn’t done correctly & needs another $5K of work. 
THEN they send in MOLD Remediators to check for mold in the walls and ceiling etc… guess what THEY find… on and on… all because you forgot about painting over the stain, having a pre-inspection, making sure there ISN”T any mold…etc etc… 
This happens every day and agents STILL haven’t figured out how to HELP YOU… have an easier transaction with less surprises…
 But WE have less surprises because we already looked for the surprises.
Reading from the Book of NEGOTIATIONS:

The Book of Negotiations, Chapter 2, verses 10-24 states, “If thou sayeth nay to thine realtors’ expert counsel and thou putteth thine home on the market with nary a spec of paint nor repair, then thou shalt call down from the heavens the fury of the Second Negotiation unto thine self and it shall cost thou many thousands of shekels, or the entire sale, whichever cometh first. And thou doest deserveth nay, none rewards. For I toldeth thou soeth”

Remember the 65% of the deals that cancel… do so stemming from home inspection issues? 
We’re trying to make that ZERO for us by doing some legwork up front. We’re not going to do EVERYTHING on the list… 
Just anything that’s big or a safety issue.. or something that would cause most buyers to walk away from your house … BTW… EVERY house has a list! Every one.. even if it’s new or you just remodeled or even if you “””Always keep your house up”””
Remember… we’re doing all of this to show you how to net more when you sell your South Bay home.

Tip #2 Any glaring deferred maintenance in the property.

    Paint in & out
    Cabinetry Color/Style 
    Counter Tops
Think ” Hard Surfaces’
Why? Styles change all the time & what buyers are looking for now isn’t the same as your 1995 Tuscan Mediterranean.

Tip #3 Professional Home Staging

Bottom line… their stuff is (almost always) better than YOUR stuff! That couch you bought when the kids were 2 & 4 & now they’re 26 & 32… time flies when you’re in the South Bay! 
NAR’s stats are Homes that are staged sell FASTER & for MORE MONEY. 
Skip NAR… my results are between 3%-5% more than similar homes selling without staging! The internet changed everything!
Take a look at some of these Before and After shots of a listing I had after First Agent had it for 4 months with no offers. 
We had it staged and proper lighting and professional photography… see the difference?
I sold it in 4 days, Multiple offers over List Price. This stuff works.. 
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Tip #4 Professional Photos 

Okay… just because we have amazing cameras in our pockets doesn’t mean we shoot Million $ houses w/ our iphone.. it’s ridiculous that agents do this still (think CHEAP ASS!) and their sellers don’t object or fire them… we have to put your best foot forward…(pause) Not sure why that reference stayed in the vernacular… and that I just used it?….. rolling eyes. 
The FIRST showing we’ll get will be online… so our Virtual Marketing Platform and Assets have to be bright and shiny so when a buyer clicks on any Asset link… it’s showing off your house as good as it can look.
Remember what we’re up to here…. we’re doing all of this to show you how to net more when you sell your South Bay home.

Tip #5 Price it right! 

Don’t let Zillow or your neighbor or Bobby from accounting tell you what your home is worth… ask a human.. preferably one who’s in real estate… take me for instance… Even in this hot market …some homes are sitting. Why? What happened to all that pent up demand and multiple offers in some price points? 
If you over price it… you know… for “negotiating room”… and you’re not getting any offers to “negotiate”… then you’re probably overpriced! 
Ok that’s my top 5.  There’s way more… 
If I can get you to understand PPF (Pre-Planning Fun), then you;ll see the value of some Pre-Planning, hitting the market strong and virtually eliminating the horrors of the Second Negotiation and thus having a much higher chance of a successful closing.
 This is all in my book- Dwelling Selling- How the Internet made selling a house in the south bay easy and other funny stories… (available on Amazon). it’s basically my 14 chapter marketing plan… with a lot of humor and 30 years of pent up Real Estate Sarcasm…
You’ll read how I’m waaaaay different than the lazy agents that dot this area. I have a massive digital virtual marketing arsenal and a hot team to help me implement it!
Now you have an idea of some things you can do now that I’ve showed you how to net more when you sell your South Bay home.. Start with a PLAN.
If an agt approaches you & wants to plant a sign in your yard & put it on MLS & talks about syndication to zillow & then wait for an offer… 
** No one needs a PLAK!

I know sometimes you don’t have time or the cash to do these things… or if the home is a fixer… I get it… 
Then we STILL make a PLAN… it’s just not THIS kind of plan. This kind of PLAN is to hire me… let me show you how to NET MORE and let’s do just that!

Doing these things will net you more $$$, keep your property in escrow & close on time. So you can get where you want in the time you need to get there.
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I talk about this and a lot of other things in my Amazon Best Selling Book: Dwelling Selling –

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Virtually Yours…
Daryl Palmer
Real Real Estatetist
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