How Real Estate Agents Are Keeping You Safe [Daryl Palmer Beach Homes Covid-19 Safety Protocols]

How Real Estate Agents Are Keeping You Safe

Daryl Palmer Beach Homes Covid-19 Safety Protocols


How real estate agents are keeping you safe…? Well… How ARE real estate agents keeping you safe during covid? I’m gonna share with you Daryl’s 9 Protocols & you’re already feeling safer.. yes? Or something like that…

Daryl developed his own Strict Covid Protocols – He calls them “Daryl Palmer’s Safety First Listing Launch and Sale Strategy… “  Here’s a link to view the infographic and you can even upload it if you like that sort of thing…(it’s also below)

I gotta say… It’s a slick Infographic listing the 9 Protocols he has in place when he’s listing, previewing and showing properties. UNFORTUNATELY… some agents haven’t heard of this stupid PANDEMIC called COVID 19 and are carelessly wandering through other peoples houses unmasked and ungloved… (all the while touching every surface they possibly can… 

Just to let you know, Daryl and his team are careful and courteous when they’re in other peoples spaces. It’s important & everything helps.

#1 is mandated by LA County, our MLS & Daryl’s company REMAX ESTATE PROP “All entrants must sign disclosure form P-E-A-D People Entering Already Drunk… or something like that. Plus Anti-Social Distancing 6′ – Masks – Gloves – Booties (if occupied) – Sanitizer -Squirt Guns etc.

#2 Virtual Seller & Buyer Strategy Sessions via Zoom… It’s Contactless – Sanitary – & set up a 20 minute strategy session with Daryl But NO EYE CONTACT!

#3 Photography & Marketing All team wears protective equipment as per #1. Like Hoodies… Including Seagulls With Cameras

#4 Virtual Open houses & 3D tours, Facetime & Zoom Showings & “Open By Appointment” – That’s what we used to call an “open house” Daryl figured out a way to do an Interactive Live 3D Virtual Tours (with me Or Daryl guiding you live… ) It’s pretty cool.

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#5 in person showings You can now see this isn’t particularly easy to pull off or coordinate, Buyer’s MUST be Pre-Approved prior to any showings – Or bring a Suitcase With Cash – or something like that

#6 Walkthrough/inspections/appraisals You know… stuff you gotta do to get a house ready to sell and during the sale- Just Like Showings – Masks – Gloves – Salsa – No grandparents or in laws or Bobby from accounting because he bought a house once… you know… that guy…

#7 Offers & Closing They’re Virtual – Digital & Drive Thru – Large Fries please!

#8 move out – move in How we gonna manage that? The Property is disinfected upon move out & prior to move in. Not that we don’t trust you… But we have people… who come to houses & disinfect… you know what I mean… After Covid Cooties… they get rid of things like that…

#9 call my boy … Daryl Palmer at RE/MAX Estate Properties 310-502-4240 or arrange a sanitary meeting on his computer or something…@ Don’t forget to download and even print out his snappy infographic… he spent so much time making it… at least you can use it to cover your face when you see him….

Let Daryl know if you have any questions….

Ciao baby..

Virtually Yours…

Daryl Palmer Real Real Estatetist

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How Real Estate Agents Are Keeping You Safe Daryl Palmer Beach Homes Covid-19 Safety Protocols Infographic
How Real Estate Agents Are Keeping You Safe Daryl Palmer Beach Homes Covid-19 Safety Protocols Infographic