Houses Of The Future – Tour A 3D Printed Tiny House

Houses Of The Future – Tour A 3D Printed Tiny House

Join me in a walk through of one of the houses of the future and tour a 3D printed tiny house with me.  Ok… it’ll be quick… it’s a 350 square foot** studio. BUT it’s one that was printed by a 3D printer in about 1 day. Check out the video for more info. This is pretty cool and it can solve a lot of needs.

**EVEN if I might have said it was 300 sq ft like 20 times in the video. (rolling eyes)

This is an ADU – Accessory Dwelling Units. Previously known as: Granny Flats, Mother In Law Set Up, etc. It can be used as an Income Unit, Guest Suite, Home Office or Studio or Gym, Home School Room or even a perfect place to show off your extensive Cat Creamer Collection! The state of California passed a law that made every property in the state eligible to have an ADU. (Of course the lawmakers passed a “one size fits ALL” law that defies a lot of cities own zoning ordinances and city plans… but what do lawmakers care about you and your city? They do these things so they can say they did and get re-elected.) That said, this looks like it’s sticking. So if you have room in your backyard to add something like this, this is a smart solution to avoid months and months of constant construction at your house and get you up and running much faster.

This is being built in Oakland CA and shipped wherever you are. The 3D printing takes about a day and it does take a lot longer for them to finish it out, but they do that in the factory so it arrives to your house ready to go!

Watch for more info and details!

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