Halloween in the South Bay During Covid

Halloween in the South Bay During Covid

You can be a Boo WHO… But Don’t be BOO HOO about Halloween!

How’s it going to look this year? It’s Halloween in the South Bay during covid… what do we do now?

Our friends at the CDC have said:

No Trick or Treating!!! 

(if you put out a bowl of candy… then  the last kids are the losers because there were tons of dirty hands in that bowl from earlier… A UC Davis Dr says he’s not too concerned about germs from that though… it’s long face to face or crowed long term exposure)

So the Early Bird … gets less germs…

Also…. No trunk or treating!!! 

Is that when we invite elephants to come with or when we lock the kids in the trunk  until we’re done with cocktails with friends? 

I don’t know this term?

Also… No Costume Parties!!! 

Unless they’re in your house or your car… or perhaps in your trunk?

Plus… No Haunted houses…

btw…  if YOU’RE LOOKING for a NEW house to haunt… let me know & I can help you find the perfect one! 

I’m a Real Estate Agent… that’s what I do! 

Besides keeping you informed about serious issues… such as Halloween.

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Here’s Another way you can do a more traditional Halloween in the South Bay during covid. 

If you’re up to social media ridicule… (because everyone feels like they need to tell you their opinions these days.)

Or what I like to call it: YELPING.

What do we do during Halloween in the South Bay during Covid?

Just practice this:

CDC reminds us about 6′ ANTI social Distancing  for “Normal Conversation” (I guess that’s now considered “Normal”)

But they noted 12′ for SCREAMING… That’s a good fact to keep up here (point at head)  12′ for screaming…ok…

(me screaming) “Wait… I’m going to scream at you… so back UP!”

Here’s my final list of possible Halloweening activities You can do drive by’s w/ friends and perhaps it would be fun to

1-Pick up a piece of candy… with a gloved hand of course…

2- Toss (fling- throw hard etc) candy  into an open window of your friends car driving by…  kind of a Tossing game with a moving target  Or Fast Moving Cornhole game. That could be a fun game of skill!

3-Getting back to the trunk- Open the trunk & drive by your friends house  & have them toss all their candy in your trunk (gloves on of course)  and then go around the corner & sell it to other kids down the block.

These are just suggestions.

4- You can still do the super fun activity of bobbing for apples…  but in the ocean… there’s lots of room to spread out  and the pounding waves makes it a bit more difficult  and a lot more fun to find that pesky apple in the white water. It’s lot’s of fun! But invite a Lifeguard!!!

5- You could also just tell the kids that Halloween has actually been cancelled by the CDC & Fauci and the LA stupidvisors  and put them to bed early and invite your friends over for wine on the driveway.

Just don’t be BOO HOO.

All seriousness aside… Seriously… it looks as if we’re all going to have to get creative for the holiday season coming up…  ANNND We might even have a perfect excuse to NOT join the family for Thanksgiving!

Comment or email me & let me know what you’re planning to do  & we might get some actual good ideas… instead of mine. 

Not that mine are bad or anything!

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