Zillow Homes For Sale Accurate? There’s A Better Way South Bay Real Estate

Zillow Homes For Sale Accurate? 


Sooooo Zillow Homes For Sale accurate or not? And there’s a better way? What gives?

If you’re looking for a home now and you’re using Zillow, Trulia or the other big sites… you’re DEFINITELY NOT seeing ALL the Active inventory. What???

Go Here: https://southbayfineproperties.com/area-map/

With inventory being at super low levels along the coast and interest rates in the 2’s… there’s still a ton of demand right now… even in this Covid nightmare. It’s not all there! Some MLS’s (Multiple Listing Service) aren’t sharing “all” their data with the big syndicators. It’s complicated… a story for another time.

Zillow homes for sale is not accurate? Are you sure?

Not only sure…And the other bit sites as well. There’s missing listings, they’re showing you homes “Under Contract” and telling you they’re “Active”. Wrong-O.

That’s SUPER frustrating!


That said… how do you know you’re seeing all the correct active homes for sale? If you’re using “them”… you’re not… and you’re not. Wait… did I ask 2 questions there? (pausing for contemplation)

So… you say… “Hey Daryl…” (I look up)… “what’s the solution? ”

Well that’s a great question. In today’s video I show you how to use a site that is up to the minute Live MLS. Without all the ads and stupid agents calling and harassing you. Alright… it’s my IDX site and I guess I would be the stupid agent harassing you… only if you wanted me to that is. You’d have to ask me to harass you directly. FYI.

Go Here: https://southbayfineproperties.com/area-map/ and search away…

Click on a city or put your own city(cities) or zip(s) and all the other things you desire and you’re searching just like me… in a Live MLS environment. It’s easy, it’s free and it’s accurate!

Unlike the Zillow homes for sale are not accurate! (Don’t get me started on Zestimates… guess if they’re accurate… go ahead)

Try it out & let me know how you like it.

If you want to save a search and get notified if anything new comes up or anything changes price etc, you’ll have to set up your email so the system can send you anything that comes up.

That said… go there and search amongst yourselves… and let me know if you’d like to see any of your finds. Covid style… lot’s of safety protocols in place.

We can also do it virtually… with video or FaceTime or Zoom.

Speaking of Zoom or Google Meet… if you’d like to have a Strategy Session or a quick “how to” session with me Virtually speaking… click the link below ( www.meetdaryl.com ) to get on my calendar and we can make a PLAN

…because if you’re out looking to buy or sell now, you need a PLAN more than ever.

See my previous video about Making a PLAN here: https://youtu.be/0a_FA2fFhwk 

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