South Bay Real Estate Update September 2020 — An Astonishing Spike?

South Bay Real Estate Update

September 2020

An Astonishing Spike? 

Yes! It’s time for the South Bay Real Estate Update September 2020 edition. (this is when all the graph nerds get excited!)

Wait… what? Has there been an Astonishing Spike in the market in the South Bay? This late in the year? Fall is usually a time when the real estate markets slows down a bit. But since we’re all still having a blast dealing with this Covid-19 Pandemic…(sarcasm) and because going back to school didn’t happen in August & September 2020 … people are still moving in the fall.


Watch the video to see the crazy spike we’ve seen in September 2020 as well as all of the

3rd Quarter of 2020. It’s nuts!

Fueled by lowest interest rates ever and a lot of people are looking for more outdoor space and indoor space since kids are still being home schooled and most people are still working remotely. This is pushing where we live to the front of everyone’s mind.

Person #1: “This is “cozy”… buuuut… we need more space if we’re going to do this”

Person #2: “Hmmm I agree… if we only knew a really good local south bay real estate agent…who can give us a market update”

Me: “Hi… I couldn’t help but overhear you… I’m a seriously local, full time since 1986 kind of agent… and a professional shrubber.

Perhaps I can help you in your quest. But first… watch this video”

See the slides here:

It’s super interesting that Fall is the new Spring when we’re talking about the Real Estate Market here in the South Bay. The Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach Markets (as well as all the surrounding cities) have been super strong since June. We were basically closed during lockdown. Not many people wanted to list their homes & have potential cooties wandering through. And not that many buyers wanted to wander through strangers houses as well.

South Bay Real Estate Update September 2020 – Go and watch the video!

So here we are. It’s October and the market is still pretty hot and inventory is pretty low and interest rates are ridiculously low & will probably stay that way for a while. What to do? This is why I do these South Bay real estate market updates… to keep you informed of what’s happening around you.

IF you’re thinking about buying and you’re waiting for a crash & prices to drop, that was 2008. Who knows if we’ll see a price adjustment in the coming months? As it looks right now, we won’t see anything like that around here for a long while.

IF you’re thinking about selling your house & want to buy something larger or with outdoor space or somewhere to house your large cat creamer collection OR if you’re thinking of scaling down because the kids are gone or you want to travel more… whatever it is, call me or write me an email because it is the BEST time to sell a house we’ve seen in a long time. Also, if you price it right, you can sell it quickly and that means less strangers in your house!

Go ahead and watch this video and learn about the South Bay Real Estate Update September 2020 edition & see if there really was an astonishing spike.

Call or write or go to & you can easily schedule a Strategy Session with me via Zoom or Meet & we can discuss your needs and make a PLAN.

Just watch the video already!


See all the slides here at bottom of the page:

South Bay Real Estate Update September 2020 – An Astonishing Spike?

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