Shopping For A Christmas Tree

Shopping For A Christmas Tree

Have you already gone shopping for a Christmas Tree? How do you feel about that whole thing about going and finding a large tree that was living outside and bring it inside of your home?

* This Video is in 360. You can use your mouse or your finger to look right, left, up and down & all around. See what I’m wearing? I know… super fetching.

It’s Mid December… do you have a Christmas Tree yet? Are you getting a tree? Do you love the smell of pine tree in your house? Do you have fun childhood memories of having a tree and decorating it? Soooo many questions! Geez…

In this video, I’m in the Hermosa Beach Kiwanis Club Christmas Tree Lot & you can easily spot one you like and run over there and pick it up. Shopping is so easy thanks to snappy 360 degree video! If you don’t want to look at me, you don’t have to … just keep moving around to see the perfect tree. If only we had “SmelloVision”! The following childhood memory has nothing to do with this video except that I reference the first paragraph in the video.

I don’t know about you… but my dad didn’t enjoy holidays… especially Christmas. We usually got a tree a week before Christmas. We’d go to every tree lot in a 5 mile radius in Sacramento & look at every tree… and according to my dad… they were ALL TOO EXPENSIVE! So he’d pick out the tallest Charlie Brown Tree he could find for the least amount of money and ask for more boughs laying around… take it home & put it in the garage and basically “rebuild” the tree. No branches in the middle? No problem, he’d take off any “extra branches” and drill a hole in the trunk where there was empty space and whittle down the branch that was filling that space and stuff it into the trunk. After a couple of hours of cutting and whittling and drilling and grumbling about how this junky tree was so expensive… he’d have a pretty good looking tree… at least a 180 degree version. He always put the tree in the corner of the “rarely used formal living room” (which we were rarely allowed to sit in) and so he didn’t need all those pesky branches on the backside… they were usually brought out front so the Charlie Brown tree looked less Charlie Brownish.

Normal families would’ve had the tree inside and already decorated by then… but my dad? Noooooo!

We had a “Flocked” tree every year. Yep… my dad flocked the tree in the back yard every year. This is a whole other story. I supposedly had asthma when I was young. And I was “allergic” to certain things. One thing was I was allergic to PINE TREES. Even though we spent a lot of summers in Lake Tahoe and we camped a lot. And somehow when we were doing those things, the PINE TREES never bothered me. Hmmmm. My mom loved having a flocked tree… it was white, not green. She loved it because it looked like snow but no messy melting snow indoors. So this whole deal about me and GREEN pine trees was a story to get my dad to flock the tree. It was for Daryl… he is the Baby…

After rebuidling the tree, he took it out in the middle of the yard and put it in a 5 gallon bucket & filled it with water. That sat out there for 1-3 days. (remember that we got the tree about a week prior to Christmas? Flocking took at least another day or two for my dad to get around to doing the flocking. Flocking requires a flocking device, flock that fit onto the device that held water and a vacuum cleaner reversed so it blew air and didn’t suck air. None of these things would work the first time… they all required some kind of adjustment. Dad would get out a ladder and all those flocking paraphernalia and get to it. After a couple of hours of torture it would be done.

Can we bring it inside yet? Of course not… we have to let it dry overnight.

Now we lived in Sacramento. December is COLD! It rains. There’s a lot of fog. It’s damp. If I only had rolling eyes emojis right now. Usually the next night, dad would drag the tree in and of course needles and flocking are in it’s path all over the floor. And then my mom wouldn’t like how it looked… so he’d turn it this way and that until she gave the approval. By then we had all given up and were watching TV.

I NEVER seemed to be affected by the pine tree living in our house.

And then dad would get out the lights. OMG… the lights. Of course in a huge knot. Of course they didn’t work. That’s a whole other story.

If you’re all the way down here… why? But congrats and welcome to why I have waaay less rules about Christmas.

Merry Merry!

Flocking be damned… 

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