How To DOWNSIZE Your House Part 2

How To DOWNSIZE Your House Part 2

Scale down therapy Part 2- Store it or Toss it?

This is Part 2 of How to Downsize Your House or what I call “Scale Down Therapy”.

You have a lot of stuff… when you downsize, you have to deal with:


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If you’re paying $300 per month for a storage unit… and you visit it a couple of times in the first month because you can’t remember where you put something… and then you’ve paid on it for a year. That’s $3,600 per year. Now store it for another year. $7,200 to store “stuff ” that you probably haven’t missed. Is everything in that storage unit even worth $7,000? Can you just get rid of it beforehand and if you need something that you had later… just go and buy it and STILL save money doing it?

Those numbers are why Self Storage is an amazing investment. A friend who owns a few Self Storage properties told me the average number of times someone visits their storage unit is 2X a YEAR!

I can hear you saying: “But I could never part with my Pirate Ceramic Creamer collection!” These are the difficult decisions. Going through them is painful… I’ve done it… I know. I’m still carrying around my yearbooks though… and they’re probably going to go in the trash sooner than later.

Scaling down is initially difficult because we’re used to having more space and way more stuff.

But on the other side of it… After your “Scale Down Therapy”… Life is more simple. You realize you didn’t need all that stuff and all those ‘decorator items’ and you can live comfortable in a smaller space. It’s less work and costs less to own and maintain and that gives you more money to travel and do things you want to do without being married to maintaining a big place with a lot of stuff. It’s something to think about for later or sooner!

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