How Coronavirus Changed The Real Estate Market

How Coronavirus Changed The Real Estate Market


In this video I’m going to show you how Coronavirus changed the Real Estate Market in 2020… and really…it changed it forever!

Stay to the end & I’ll give you a bit of a forecast of what we can expect… It’s surprising!!! Well… I was surprised.

In some ways… it changed it for good…Some things we expected… some things we didn’t.

Like me… for instance… There’s NO WAY I would’ve dressed like this if it wasn’t for that pandemic!

Mittens? At the beach… in So Cal? Geez …ok I don’t OWN any mittens… because of what I just said..

Here in the South Bay… we went into the DAMMM-demic with low supply and high demand…

Fixed interest rates were in the 3%’s and dropping

Then… lockdown! Unreal!

Because of that … the spring selling season was delayed until May/June and it kept going strong thru December!

…ANNNND THAT increased pent up demand!

… ANNNND THAT… is driving up prices!

Also… Working Remotely… your needs changed because of the lockdown….working from home and homeschooling. People aren’t as concerned

about commuting because of the work from home order. So we’ve seen that they’re moving out of dense areas (downtowns) to less crowded & more affordable areas… who knew?


PLUS… Millennial’s are having kids!!!!

Last year in the South Bay… the Beach Cities actually closed MORE homes than the previous 2 years!


REAL ESTATE AGENTS… how are we (hopefully) changed?

Virtual (almost) everything. I’ve been doing this for years… but my industry hasn’t until THEY WERE FORCED TO last year.

Virtual walk-throughs- 360 degree video virtual tours-FaceTime and Zoom interviews, showings, home inspection-highlights and even Final Walkthroughs.

We can do a lot of what we do Contactless and who knew that most people would embrace that? We (well… most of us) are doing whatever we can to keep everyone

safe- gloves- masks- booties- disinfecting surfaces after in person showings, inspections, appraisals and walkthroughs…You name it.

If you’d like to know more… watch this video here I’m pointing to at 2:34

There’s almost no foreclosure activity and most people have a lot of equity. So far, here in the beach cities we’re not seeing any changes other than this same kind of market

…In the foreseeable future.

That’s a few of the biggies of how The Corona-Crap has changed real estate…

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