With all the hype and now, TV ads, junk mail, junk email blah blah… who is telling the truth? Can I avoid foreclosure? Are there ‘really’ options out there for me?

Whether you had bad timing and bought a home at the top of the market, took cash out with a refi, doesn’t matter… there ARE options! Before you just walk away from the house, ask a pro… (um… rarely an attorney and most ‘real estate agents’…sorry kids… it’s true) you need to find a pro… in biz for a LONGGG time, ‘been there, done that’  kind of person. I’m not saying you may eventually want to talk to an attorney… I’m not saying that at all… as that is one of your options… BK or Short Sale… I’m just saying, ask a pro Realtor who can give you ALL the options before you move out or give up all hope.

You may not want to move out before a trustee sale because you may put yourself out there for the lender to sue you for a deficiency judgement! YIKES! (ask a pro!)

Your options might not be a rosy outcome… it may, however, be a better choice than the other two.. know what I mean?

I’ll say it again… ask a pro Realtor or Attorney you can trust… who can give you all the options!

That’s Real Estate Blah Blah!