Avoid THIS Mistake When Selling Your House In The Beach Cities [Part 1]

Avoid THIS Mistake When Selling Your House In The Beach Cities


I know what you’re thinking. How CAN you avoid this mistake when selling your house in the beach cities?  Or any other place for that matter. And also… what IS IT???

What one Home Selling. – Pre-marketing step can make you an additional $25K or more? It’s super easy and you don’t really have to do much. Sure it’ll cost you some cash up front, but it’s a worthwhile investment for sure because you’ll get it all back plus extra cash on a higher selling price when you sell. 

A lot of people make this mistake.

This is a science… it works almost every time. EVEN if you live in the house.

What is IT?

Professional Home Staging.

Question… How old is your couch and dining room set?

In my #1 Best Selling Book-

Dwelling Selling- How the internet made selling a house in the south bay easy and other funny stories

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 I quote: “Their stuff is better than your stuff   Bottom line… their stuff is (almost always) better than YOUR stuff! That couch you bought when the kids were 2 & 4 & now they’re 26 & 32… time flies when you’re in the South Bay!    NAR’s stats are Homes that are staged sell FASTER & for MORE MONEY.    Skip NAR… my results are between 3%-5% more than similar homes selling without staging! The internet changed everything!   Take a look at some of these Before and After shots of a listing I had after First Agent had it for 4 months with no offers.  (Before & After’s are in the video)   We had it staged and proper lighting and professional photography… see the difference?   I sold it in 4 days, Multiple offers over List Price. This stuff works!”

 And yes… sometimes painting a room or two or a wall or two can make a big difference! Especially if the last time you painted was 2012 or earlier!

You get the idea…If you spend a little more time and effort in your pre marketing  YES! EVEN IN A FAST MOVING- LOW INVENTORY MARKET!!! You’ll make more in the end. It’s a proven fact. 

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